A newcomer to TIP, Ensemble Abbi Hamed is excited to get back onto a stage after a little hiatus…

Abbi Hammed: Ensemble


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a robotics engineer from London and have lived in Japan for 5 years. I used to have lots of hobbies back home, including acting, which were sadly but inevitably lost for a long while when I moved away.

With regards to previous involvement in drama, all my experience has been from the drama society at my last university, in which I was heavily involved! I did that for around four years, and had the chance to try out lots of different activities such as directing, producing, acting and even marketing for the plays. I was directly involved in four main productions, acting in small to medium roles in three of them. There were also several short-plays of which I acted in a couple. Also, I regularly took part in the weekly drama workshops wherein we had the chance to learn about various techniques including improvisation, voice projection and even tried radio plays!

I had a great time at the drama society and it is one of the things I've missed the most about my life back in England.


What are you looking forward to in the production?

Its been more than 5 years since I did anything drama at all!

I'm very excited to be doing something again and I'm hoping that this experience will help me to get back into it, despite being in Japan.

I'm also excited to meet the people involved in TIP, learn from other much more talented and experienced directors, actors and actresses, and through that hopefully have the chance to make new friends and also perhaps new chances to do more drama in the future.


Why do you think people should come see the show?

Because I'm in it… just kidding obviously! I think TIP seem to be a very professional and organised group despite being comprised of volunteers. I think many here are very experienced and the production team all seem to know a lot. In particular the director seems to be passionate about the source material and has some interesting ideas. As such, I feel that this is bound to be a great show. And besides, its Macbeth!

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