Meet the Actor: Annika Beifuss

In the run up to TIP's production of Macbeth, we take a little time out to meet the cast...

Annika Beifuss: First Witch & Sergeant


Tell us about yourself.

I gained my first theatrical experience at the tender age of nine, playing a butterfly in a primary school of a small town in rural Germany. My enthusiasm for drama hasn't left me since. I spent the larger part of my studies with a theatre group, acting, directing, stage designing, lighting and sound,... and am very happy to be part of the lovely TIP now.


What are you looking forward to in the production?

Seeing everyone gradually transforming into their roles and enjoying to be part of something bigger, and learning something new - every character has taught me something new so far.


What challenges do you foresee?

Becoming a really scary witch; expressing everything I need to only with my voice; having to spend a lot of time on standby; and not clapping my hands for my fellow actors and actresses from backstage.


Why do you think people should come see the show?

It is Shakespeare and a great play! Many people know the plot, but are curious about our way of telling the story.

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