Want to know more about our next production? We talked with actor Saya Suetsugu to learn more about the Japan premiere of The Language Archive!


Tell us about The Language Archive.

The Language Archive is a play about how we communicate (particularly love) to one another.


Tell us about your character in the show.

Mary is George's wife. She is someone who used to be an upbeat person, but for whatever reason has become "sad." Mary expects George to understand why she is sad, but unfortunately, George does not seem to have a single clue as to why and suggests that she gets "help" for her problems. And it is incredibly frustrating for Mary because of all people, she expects George -the linguist- to be able to read between the lines and take hints when she is presenting them to him.


What has been the most interesting thing about working on this show?

Getting into the mindset and the overall process has been the highlight so far. Our director got each of us a book that is related to our character, which is also a book that can be shared with other actors for their reference. For example, my book is "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan. In one of the scenes, Sal, who plays George, talks about generations in the same family not speaking the same language. So I can share parts of my book with Sal as a reference and so on and so forth. We also have a book about the languages couples use in their relationship that we are all reading, which has been incredibly interesting for personal reference as well.


What has been the biggest challenge?

Building the character. There are many many things with Mary that I can relate to, so there have been moments where it is easy for me to say, "well this is how I (Saya) would react to this situation." I have to keep reminding myself to look at what Julia Cho is telling us about Mary before jumping to a conclusion that I personally would come to. And definitely not the "biggest" challenge, but certainly always a challenge: learning lines.


Why should everyone come see The Language Archive?

You will learn a word or two (maybe a phrase) in a new language!

Catch Saya in The Language Archive, February 25-28 at The Pocket in Nakano! Box Office is now open; get your tickets here!

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