Wondering about our next production? We sat down veteran TIP actor Sal Randazzo to learn more about the Japan premiere of The Language Archive!


Tell us about The Language Archive

It’s a play about communication and relationships. It shows how two people can love each other, but because they're not able to understand each other, they're unable to communicate and they both end up feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, and unloved.


Tell us about your character in the show

George is a linguist. He speaks many languages and his favorite is Esperanto, which he calls a "utopian dream of a language." Part of what I think draws him to Esperanto is that it's so easy to learn that it need never go extinct. Esperanto was constructed in order for people from different cultures to have an easy-to-learn secondary language to communicate with each other. The irony is that just because people speak the same language, they don’t necessarily understand each other. This is evident with George and his wife, Mary. I think the lesson for George is that language is only one small part of the communication process--and even then, it's not just what you say, but how, when, and why you say it that makes a difference.


What has been the most interesting thing about working on this show?

The most interesting thing about working on this show is the research and figuring out what causes these characters to make the choices they make. Acting is a game of "behave as if..." that sometimes requires you to ask (and then answer) a lot of questions before you understand how and why a character behaves a certain way in a certain situation. These early stages of work are usually the most interesting to me.


What has been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge with this show is the nature of the content, as George's situation is very close to me. Revisiting some of these past feelings and challenges has proven to be difficult, but also oddly rewarding. It has given me new perspective and helped to heal old wounds.


Why should everyone come see The Language Archive?

People should see this play because it's something we can all relate to. Anyone who's been in a relationship understands the feeling of being misunderstood, the feeling of being unable to make your partner understand you, and all the feelings that arise when a relationship ends. Most of us understand what it's like to love someone who doesn't love you, and what that does to you. Many of us understand the difference between new love and true, long-term devotion and commitment. Despite the serious subject matter, this show is quite funny at times. I believe most people will feel equal parts happy and sad, with a heavy dose of truth mixed in.

Catch Sal in his eighth straight TIP production, February 25-28 at The Pocket in Nakano! Box Office is now open; get your tickets here!

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